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08.02.19 - Five minutes with Prima Queen: ‘We became friends really fast and started writing songs together’

25.01.19 - Five minutes with Kahlla: ‘I’ve always been massively inspired by strong women in music that do things their way’

15.01.19 - Roxanne de Bastion: ‘I’m terrified when I see people buying into those same old fictions of “us vs them”’

11.12.18 - From Me To You - a one day music conference from and for independent music artists

08.10.18 - Electro-pop duo HUMAN on technology, choreography and their new single The Ground

05.10.18 - Reframing the organ with electronic and classical composer Claire M Singer

04.10.18 - Five minutes with Deerful: ‘People use ixi lang to make techno or EDM but I wanted to write songs in it’

23.09.18 - Seeking Asylum amongst the madness; in conversation with singer-songwriter Chloe Foy

11.07.18 - Grace Savage: singer, songwriter and beatbox champion

03.07.18 - ‘If you really believe in something, you’re bound to do a better job’ - festival director Lauren Down

06.06.18 - Sony Music UK introduce additional holiday for staff to look after mental health

22.05.18 - Music festivals turn their backs on plastic with new ban on straws and bottles

30.04.18 - 'If we're honest with whatever we do, it'll shine' - turning fear into strength with musician Amaroun

27.03.18 - Working Forward - a pledge for equality in the workplace

20.03.18 - ‘We help each other win’: Alya Al-Sultani on musical heritage, identity and  building your tribe

08.03.18 - Iconic: 65 women who have helped define the UK music industry

27.02.18 - 'Be so good they can't ignore you': through the lens of music photographer Jennifer McCord

22.02.18 - On the road again: a day in the life of a tour assistant

08.02.18 - Encouraging a diverse and equal music industry with the UK Music Diversity Taskforce

01.02.18 - Technology is power: pushing the boundaries of music tech with Chagall

01.02.18 - Talking music, marketing and making your own decisions with Bryde

31.01.18 - Music Minds Matter - a support service for musicians

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11.07.18 - Discover life drawing with Tottenham Art Classes